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Who we are and what we do






The plan for Green Wave Therapeutics is simple. We want our clients to feel their best and look their best so they can be the best "them" possible!  We want to help people manage pain, as well as the overall health and well being of their bodies, with a three point process: Prevention, therapeutic action, and recovery. We achieve our outstanding positive outcomes by utilizing a combination of therapies, techniques, products and principles in order to treat the person as a whole and not based off of just one condition or symptom.  

Our Modalities

Magna Wave PEMF Therapy

The cornerstone of our business is Magna Wave PEMF therapy. This therapy uses pulsed electro-magnetic fields sent out in specific frequencies. By inducing a mild electrical magnetic current into damaged cells, PEMF therapy slows or stops the release of pain and inflammatory mediators, increases blood flow of the cells, and re-establishes normal cell interaction. With reduced inflammation, pain decreases, energy increases, and faster tissue healing occurs. Some of the ailments we have successfully treated with PEMF therapy are; bone fractures, arthritis, post surgical healing, cancer, migraines/other headaches, back/spine issues, injuries to joint structures, Lyme disease, anxiety/depression, sleeping disorders, immunity function, and lymphedema.















Kaasen Pro by TruCryo

Kaasen Pro is the ultimate in versatile Cryo-Stimulation equipment. It can be used for; Pain, Inflammation,  Cryo Body Sculpting, Cryo-Facials, Skin Tightening, Cellulite Smoothing, Psoriasis, Eczema, Cryo-Massage, and even Mood and Energy Boost

The term ‘Cryo-Stimulation’ literally means ‘stimulation using low temperature’ and is used as a modality to stimulate a beneficial physiological response from the body.

Kaasen uses the cooling power of carbon dioxide (CO2) – The CO2 is in liquid form in the cylinder and, as it leaves, expands and cools to a very chilly -78oC (-108oF), providing a stream of cooling vapour which is applied to the skin.

The technology allows a localized area of skin (the abdomen, a thigh, shoulder etc.) to be cooled quickly from around 35oC/95oF to 4oC/39oF in less than 30 seconds, using a targeted spray of cold vapour. This temperature shock causes blood vessels in the underlying tissue to constrict (vasoconstriction) as a way of protecting the body’s core temperature.








NormaTec Compression Therapy is a treatment modality that uses pulse massage patterns to boost recovery. The dynamic compression device uses compressed air to massage limbs, mobilize fluid, and fight inflammation. Limbs are inserted into sleeves that are inflated to compress the muscles. The compression system then pulses up the limbs, squeezing pain-causing fluid & lactic acid out of them. The limbs are then replenished with fresh blood, stimulating recovery. 





Light Therapy

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