CEP WINGTECH SHORT SLEEVE: Improving posture during physical activity leads to an increase in breathing efficiency and reduces injury risk. CEP’s Wingtech provides athletes with a functional active support base layer shirt. SUPPORT ATHLETIC TOP: Wingtech technology activates supporting muscles for optimal posture. Wingtech technology won an ISPO Innovation Award for its breathing efficiency technology. The best base layer tee for running, sports, marathons, and more. COMPRESSION: Comfortable and supportive CEP compression lessens the energy lost from muscular vibration during exercise while reducing swelling in upper body muscles. CEP compression helps stabilize the core, enhancing your endurance. COMFORT & QUALITY: CEP’s lightweight polyester blend is soft and silky to the touch. No rubbing or irritation! Moisture wicking fibers keeps you dry, even on the longest runs. Wingtech is the best posture support base layer top for athletes

Wingtech Short Sleeve Shirt Women