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I have used Green Wave for my migraines on two separate occasions. My headache was gone within 30 minutes both times and stayed gone for 3 weeks the first time and has yet to come again since my second treatment. That was almost 4 months ago! 

Megan W

My daughter is a competitive cheerleader and has been using Green Wave Therapeutics for about 3 months. No chiropractor or massage place holds a candle to what Jason has been able to do for her. He is using PEMF Therapy on her sore back. Also compression  T25 sleeves that he put on her are absolutely amazing and have completely corrected the way she walks, runs and most importantly the way she lands when she jumps!! She doesn't even complain about hurting anymore! They took the time to really figure out what she needed and what they've done for her is worth more than words could ever say! Highly recommend! 

Brenda S

I have been receiving treatments for  breast cancer for about 9 months. Not only do these treatments help me manage my pain in a big way, but as of May 1, my tumors are 65% GONE! The time they have taken with me to explain the treatments and figure out exactly what I have needed is way above and beyond what I have come to expect from the medical community. 

Sherry P
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